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Cowboy riding a bronc

A little about us.....​

We call Southern Alberta home where we run a Grazing Co op along the South Saskatchewan river. Our summer days are spent riding, checking cows and dodging the cactus and rattlesnakes. In our spare time we enjoy the occasional ranch rodeo and taking our team of Border Collies to both sheep and cattle trials. When not riding pasture we spend our days starting colts and training dogs. Andrew is passionate about helping people on thier journey with the horse and carrying on his late Uncles legacy. In the quieter months and over the winter Remy is able to work on watercolors and silverwork (and hopefully a new book!) We have two young daughters that we are blessed to be able to raise in a lifestyle such as ours.​

Thank you for taking the time to visit our page and learn a little about our lives. Our goal is to strive to be better in what we do everyday, promoting the agriculture and western industries, helping those along the way and enjoying the journey. 

cowboy riding a snake
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